Zongo All-Stars is a big, fun, hot Afro-Caribean dance band hailing from the Central Coast of California.  Voted San Luis Obispo County's best local band 2 years in a row in the New Times Readers' Poll, we deliver fun every time!

Please take a moment to explore our site, and we look forward to seeing you out at one of our shows! 

We don't play a lot, but when we do play we make it count by playing at the best venues on the Central Coast and create some of the best events around.

Thanks for joining us & we sure look forward to seeing you on the dance floor! 



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Zongo's 100% original style is hard to describe, but Ed Mann, Frank Zappa's percussionist said it pretty well after seeing it live: 

"That drummer is one in a million. Perfectly there, totally tasty, never overplays, amazing." "The lead singer is outrageous in the right way, so I figured that would be his main thing, but he's a great musician on top of that, wouldn't have thought that would be true, he's spiritually linking to the crowd." "Horn player is a virtuoso -- their harmonies are totally tight and synced with the rhythm section at every turn." "Bass player is a monster. Making it look easy, solid and smooth, but never fades or overplays." "Guitar gets so many different tones and all of them right on. He's such a unit with the bass player and the drummer, they just flow in and out around each other seamlessly." "Having steel drum & timbales alongside the bari sax and multi percussion working was excellent. Multiinstrumentalists to go with the multiple genres being woven together, so much talent in every member." "This was amazing music the entire day. These guys are exactly what real music is about."